SHINE 2020

2020 has probably not turned out as any of us would have anticipated. 

Despite the fact that many Christian groups aren’t currently meeting in schools Christian young people can still live for God there.

However doing this and telling your friends about Jesus can be exciting, scary and challenging.

We’re here to help Christian young people and Christian groups SHINE in school.

If your group can’t meet at the moment, we have some great ideas for making the most of the SHINE resources.  And if you are able to meet up as a group, we also have resources especially for you.  All of these ideas can be found here.

And looking ahead to 2021 we have some really exciting plans.

  • In the spring we will be launching some new resources to help Christian young people grow in confidence to share their faith
  • In the Autumn we hope to have a full set of videos based on the theme of influencers

As our current theme is Fearless, we thought that you’d appreciate this poem:

Fear of embarrassment – Don’t bother speaking

Fear of ridicule – Don’t bother going

Fear of rejection – Don’t bother asking

Fear of failure – Don’t bother trying

Or… Don’t bother with fear

(Tony Bower (York Schools and Youth Trust).  Used with permission.)