SHINE in Schools – Scotland Information


There are around 150 SU Groups in Scottish secondary schools. Wouldn’t it be brilliant if once a year there was something that would unite and motivate them all to share their faith in school? Well now there is: SHINE in Schools! SU Scotland is joining our friends in SU Northern Ireland and SU England & Wales in the Shine in Schools project with the aim of seeing hundreds of school SU Groups and thousands of Christian young people across the UK emboldened to live out their faith in school. SHINE is three weeks’ worth of resources for secondary SU Groups aiming to:

  • EQUIP Christian young people to live for God at school
  • To give others the opportunity to EXPLORE the Christian faith
  • To help people PRAY for their schools

The idea is that groups all across the UK watch training videos over 2 weeks in November, and the third week run an outreach event. The week three events can be really low key, or as creative as your group want. It could simply be inviting friends along to watch and discuss the optional Week 3 video, or anything from someone sharing their testimony, to a grill-a-Christian panel, to booking out the assembly hall for a Christian band to play and share their faith. There are videos, ideas, event plans, posters and other resources available on the website for group leaders to download.

It’s an exciting opportunity to inspire and energise secondary SU Groups and Christian young people across the country to live out their faith in school.

What if your group are mainly non-Christian? Well SHINE is still for you. Just select the ‘non-Christians’ videos option on the website when registering and you’ll have access to Week 1 and Week 2 videos specially tailored for groups mainly made up of non-Christians.

Access Scotland-specific resources and information.

How does it work?

Running SHINE is easy. Register your details on the website, then choose and download the videos appropriate to your group. Allow students to watch the videos and be thinking about what you will do for your SHINE event on week 3. Just follow these simple steps:

Week 1 (5th-9th Nov 2018) Week 2 (12th-16th Nov 2018) Week 3 (19th-22nd Nov 2018)
Watch video 1, pray together and start thinking about what you will do in week 3.


Watch video 2, continue praying and plan week 3. Hand out roles and responsibilities to members of your group to empower them to SHINE. Run the event that you have been planning. Ideally this will be an opportunity for young people to explore the Bible and find out more about Jesus. To help with this, there is a short video you can show as part of your event.
Use your Week 3 event as a launch event for NUA, a new film-based course from Scripture Union Ireland that explores the Christian faith in a fresh way.

And don’t worry if you can’t run SHINE in November – you can run it any time that suits you and your school.