How Does It Work?

Running SHINE is actually really easy. Register your details, then choose and download the videos appropriate to your group. Allow students to watch the videos and be thinking about what you will do for your SHINE event on week 3. Just follow these simple steps:

Week 1

Watch video 1, pray together and start thinking about what you will do in week 3.

Week 2

Watch video 2, continue praying and plan week 3. Hand out roles and responsibilities to members of your group to empower them to SHINE.

Week 3

Run the event that you have been planning. Ideally this will be an opportunity for young people to explore the Bible and find out more about Jesus. To help with this, there will be a short video you can show as part of your event.

Week 3 Inspiration

For ideas for your week 3 SHINE event please check out the Week 3 Ideas PDF.

‘Week 3 Ideas’ video

To find out some ideas for what to do for your week 3 SHINE event, watch our short ‘Week 3 Ideas’ video.

‘How to’ video

To see just how easy it can be, watch our short ‘How to SHINE’ video.

SHINE runs during 3 weeks in November.

Week 1: 11 – 15 Nov

Week 2: 18 – 22 Nov

Week 3: 25 – 29 Nov

Although we love the significance of all the schools taking part at the same time, please don’t worry if you can’t run SHINE in November – you can run it any time that suits you and your school calendar.

Extra resources

We have also got a few other resources that you might find useful.